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Mini Skid Steer Loader

Vermeer S800TX Mini Skid Steer Loader
4hr hire $265 8hr hire $350 24hr hire $450


Feature: Tip/Rated Operating Capacity

Benefit: For a relatively small footprint, the S800TX offers an exceptional tip and rated operating capacities. 


Feature: Optional dual auxiliary hydraulic controls

Benefit: The dual auxiliary hydraulic control offers increased flexibility with varying attachments. For example, the low-flow side would generally be suitable for a grapple attachment, while a trencher would benefit from the high-flow side.

 Pilot control ground drive

Benefit: The pilot-operated ground drive control offers a smooth range of motion with minimal operator effort. The handgrip enables the operator to maintain a secure grip while providing good joystick control.


Feature: Hydraulic flow

Benefit: To efficiently power demanding attachments, such as a trencher, the S800TX offers exceptional hydraulic flow.


Feature: Operator's console cushions

Benefit: The cushions increase operator comfort, particularly while working in uneven terrain.


Feature: Footprint

Benefit: At just 40.5'(103 cm) wide, the S800TX offers a narrower footprint than competitive models with similar horsepower and operating capacity ratings. A narrow footprint enhances maneuverability and access through confined spaces.


Feature: 35 hp (26.1 kW) engine

Benefit: For exceptional power and breakout force, the S800TX is equipped with a 35 hp (26.1 kW) engine.


Feature: Operator presence system

Benefit: These systems enhance safe operation.


Feature: Universal mounting plate

Benefit: The universal mounting plate allows the operator to easily hook up various Vermeer authorized attachments.


Feature: High-mounted track sprocket

Benefit: Eliminates sprocket wear caused by ground surface engagement.


Feature: Warning lights

Benefit: Located near the controls, the warning lights are positioned to be visible to the operator.


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